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Sale Air Operated Valve, F-DAV125-C-DB, Koganei, Japan
Air Operated Valve Model: F-DAV125-C-DB Brand:  Koganei Country: Japan Co...
$165.00 $145.00
Sale Blue'cord Human & Tech, MCUL32P-BLDC with hi-low pressure module
Blue'cord Human & Tech, MCUL32P-BLDC with hi-low pressure module Model: MCUL32P-BLD...
$350.00 $150.00
Sale Boiler Main Controller, 210-2M V1.9, Navien, Made in Korea
Boiler Main Controller Model: 210-2M V1.9 Brand: Navien Country: Korea Conditi...
$875.00 $600.00
Sale Control Relay / Contactor, KC6-40E, IEC/EN 60947-5-1, ABB
Control Relay / Contactor Relay Model: KC6-40E MNP: IEC/EN 60947-5-1 Brand: ABB ...
$38.00 $25.00
Sale Controls Receiver, LRX-01/A2, Yaskawa, Made in Japan (14 Days Warrenty on Entire Stock)
Controls Receiver Model: LRX-01/A2 Brand: Yaskawa Condition: Excellent.  ...
$110.00 $72.00
Sale Digital Display Solenoid Valve timer, JDV-16B, JORC EU
Digital Display JDV timer Model: JDV-16B Voltage: 115-240v AC/DC Brand: JORC EU ...
$98.00 $82.00
Sale Digital Temperature Controller, TM-107, TOHO made in japan
 Digital Temperature Controller Model: TM-107 Brand: TOHO Country: Japan ...
$195.00 $125.00
Sale Electronic Over Current Relay, EOCR-PFZ, Samwha, Korea  (14 Days Warrenty on Entire Stock)
Electronic Over Current Relay Model: EOCR-PFZ Brand: Samwha Country: Korea Con...
$195.00 $168.00
Sale Farex SR Mini HG System, H-DO-E-D-CS1, RKC, Made in Japan
Farex SR Mini HG System Model: H-DO-E-D-CS1 Brand: RKC Country: Japan Conditio...
$129.00 $115.00
Sale Groud Fault Relay, DGF-P11, DEESYS, Made in Korea
Groud Fault Relay Model: DGF-P11 Brand: DEESYS Country: Korea Condition: Excel...
$230.00 $172.50
Sale Incremental Rotary Encoder, MH4-25LN65CAD, Delta, China
Incremental Rotary Encoder Model: MH4-25LN65CAD MNP: 625LN226W7240677 Brand: Delt...
$135.00 $90.00
Sale Linear Incremental Encoders Module, RH100X15D05A, Renishaw
Linear Incremental Encoders Module Model: RH100X15D05A Brand: Renishaw Country: U...
$425.00 $299.00
Sale Power Module, LFU20-T07-1A-X6, SMC, Japan
Power Supply Model: LFU20-T07-1A-X6 Brand: SMC Country: Japan Condition: Excel...
$268.00 $248.00
Sale Power Supply, WTC-5024,90-264VAC, World Tech
Power Supply   Model: WTC-5024 Input: 90-264VAC Brand: World Tech Conditi...
$165.00 $120.00
Profibus Tap Module,TSX 490 NAE 91100, Modicon  (14 Days Warrenty on Entire Stock)
Profibus Tap Module Model: 490 NAE 91100 Brand: Modicon Country: USA Condition...
Sale Programmable Logic Controller, GM4-CPUC, LS, Korea
Programmable Logic Controller Model: GM4-CPUC Brand: LS Country: Korea .....
$462.00 $358.00
Sale Safety Light Control Unit, F3SP-B1P, Omron
Safety Light Curtain Control Unit Model: F3SP-B1P Brand: Omron  Country: Jap...
$274.00 $195.00
Sale Servo drive PLC, SV22-2N, H10307003, Yokogawa, Japan
Servo drive PLC Model: SV22-2N Brand: Yokogawa Country: Japan Condition: Excel...
$550.00 $350.00
Sale Small Electric Micrometer, E-M43RD, Minicom
Small Electric Micrometer Model: E-M43RD Brand: Minicom Condition: Excellent .....
$350.00 $250.00
Sale Solenoid Valve Coil red wire Black valve, Made in China
Solenoid Valve Coil Model: Solenoid Supply Voltage: 24VDC Brand: China Conditi...
$85.00 $60.00
Sale Speed Controller, 160-BA01NPS1, Allen-Bradley, Mexico
Speed Controller Model: 160-BA01NPS1 Brand: Allen-Bradley Country: Mexico Cond...
$248.00 $180.00
Sale Ultrasonic Flowmeter Converter, SFC-011S, Tokyo Keiso, japan
Ultrasonic Flowmeter Converter/Transmitter with Base Model: SFC-011S Brand: Tokyo Ke...
$268.00 $200.00
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